All I need is a friend who understands.

You just don’t get it, and you won’t ever fucking get it.

This summer is going pretty well. Aside from my slightly boring internship, i made quite a bit of money from it. Working full time is exhausting but I guess it’s money to use in the school year. Also I think I qualified as a finalist for a scholarship. I forgot I applied to it but fingers crossed that I get it. :3

give yourself the chance to be happy.

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Do you ever regret meeting me?

I went running today. Just a few laps around the park in my neighborhood. And tried to find ‘the man in the tree’ so I trekked through people’s yards and a mosquito infested forest. I couldn’t find it but I did find like a million bites.
album art
New lens :) time to be artsy.

Tonight, basically Drunk Matt gave Sober Matt a lecture while driving home. Drunk me said that I need to give myself the best because nobody is gonna hand it to me.

Rule 1. Love yourself

Rule 2. Don’t drive drunk again.

Rule 3. I realize how weird I am for having a conversation with myself while drunk driving.

I think I’m going to get in shape for free diving. Then I could take super awesome underwater pictures. I live in Hawaii, why not take advantage of that.