UH volleyball game

'Find what you love and let it kill you.'

I went long boarding the other day and a big wave approached me, I was too far back to get over it, and too close to avoid getting swallowed in the white wash, so i flipped my board and tried to swim under the wave. I pulled the board so that the force of the wave wouldn’t pull it too much, but for some reason all of the force stopped and I punched myself in the nose.

Every time I surf I always get hurt.

Today I received an email that i was rewarded the scholarship that i mentioned in an earlier post. I received a 2.5k refund and i don’t know how much happier i could be. Also received another email that i qualified for a national honor society for civil engineers, so that’s cool too.

Since i got so much money back, i decided i’m going to use some of that to take out one of my best friends to dinner at the end of the semester. We wanted to eat fancy for a while, and now there’s a really good reason to go.

are you serious right now? you’re complaining about being led on, while it’s the same thing you’ve been doing to me?

nah i don’t play that ‘i’ll win you over’ shit anymore.

no caps because i ain’t even mad.

At a gastropub

  • LH: What's worse than death?
  • TN: Hell.
  • Me: Living...
  • LH & TN: 😳 that took a turn.

First day of the semester

TA changes time slot of lab on Friday because she wants to avoid traffic. She then changes it to 4:30 - 6:30 on Monday.

I do not enjoy being on campus that late. F you bitch.

Who said money can’t buy happiness 🏄

But we’re all a little broken in the end.

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