Thinking back on high school,
Dating a runner was probably the hardest thing you could do. When there was a problem they would literally out run you to avoid it….

I had to be in shape.

whats your plans for the future


Mmmm… Well as of right now… I want to graduate with my degree, secretly move to a different state and start working there. :X

whats your major?


Civil Engineering with a focus in Structures.

There’s no place I’d rather be. 🌴

An ex is an ex for a reason, there’ll be better people that come along but don’t close yourself off living in the past.

A friend


literally spent 3 hours trying to figure out why d/dy(e^y) and d/dx(xe^y-1) were not equal…

note: they are equal, i’m just an idiot.

I hate you.

I think that if you really plan on saying this phrase you should know everything about that person. It’s stupid to hate what you don’t know. After getting to know some people very well, I can slowly start to see myself disliking them more and more. Appearances aren’t always what they seem and first impressions don’t matter as much as the 2nd to the 50th. That’s when they show their true colors.

I’m starting to realize that gossip through whatever network a person is on, does not define a person.

I kind of feel like i have dyslexia.  Sometimes I get confused with words, but mainly when it comes to math. I get confused when to use what equations.  Differential Equations and Partial integration confuses me with all of it’s letters that don’t make sense.  I honestly hate this class, and no matter how much reading I do, it won’t make sense to me.  My teacher doesn’t even fucking breathe when she teaches.  Non stop writing, plus the examples she does she skips steps and makes mistakes… That’s not how I learn. I regret taking this class. And if I fail it, then there goes my upper division GPA… and my scholarship.

I’m going to perfect myself

the best me, I can be.