People will leave a mark on you no matter how small a part of your life they were.

the weekend study atmosphere.

When you find someone with the same passion as you

I don’t think there’s a better feeling.

When I offer to pay for my meal

Friend: I’m the one that’s actually working I got it.

Doodles in class.

I’m scared of people I don’t have a connection with.

They want so much of me and I don’t know if I can give it. It’s like giving a piece of myself away to people I don’t know if I can trust.  It’s risky and understandable if I get hurt.

Friend in Omaha is just as anti as I am in Honolulu. ugh people. 😒

I think I just need to start running again.

geomathematics and geophysics

I just love learning about dead Frenchmen and how they thought up some theory and got it named after themselves. L’hopital…Lagrange… I don’t even think that these formulas concern me.

on a side note, why do the people I want to meet live so far away? I just wish there were a cheap way to visit places. but I live in hawaii, the most isolated state in the United States.